Naomi & Kika

kikaGrete Krause and Puppy Love Caring Canines gave me my life back.  I have suffered for years with Neurally Mediated Hypertension, which causes my blood pressure to drop suddenly and with little warning.  I had fainted many times in public, which caused me to avoid going out of the house by myself.  As an independent person this was very devastating and I became more and more isolated. 

One day when I was obedience training my new Miniature Schnauzer, Kika, she sat down, stared at me and refused to move.  Shortly after this I became dizzy and lightheaded and had to quickly sit down to avoid fainting.  At the time I thought that it was a coincidence, but then she did the same behavior on two other occasions. 

I found out through Total Recall School for Dogs that Grete’s Assistance Dog organization, Puppy Love Caring Canines, was one of the few organizations that would evaluate the possibility of training a person’s pet to become an Assistance Dog.  Kika was approved to enter their training program and the training began.  With the guidance of Grete I started teaching Kika how to be a Medical Alert Service Dog.  This in itself forced me to go out into the public on a regular basis, but things were different now.  Now that I had Kika to warn me of my drop in blood pressure I no longer fear passing out and coming to on a hard floor someplace or even worse in a parking lot or street.  I started looking forward to going out again.  Now with Kika’s assistance I go about my life as I did before acquiring Neurally Mediated Hypertension.  I am very grateful to Grete and her wonderful organization, Puppy Love Caring Canines, who took the "dis" out of disability for me.

Thank you, so much!




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