How to Apply for a Dog

Thank you for your interest in becoming a client with Puppy Love Caring Canines, Inc. By reading the information below you will find out what the process and procedures are in applying for a dog and becoming a client in this worthwhile organization.



  Each dog goes through a minimum of 2 years of training. Nothing is instant.
  Dogs will attend beginner and intermediate obedience classes at approved training facilities.
  All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  They must have a physical fence or Invisible Fence brand fence unless we have approved another option for containment.
  Applications must be complete before processing can begin.
  Applicants are required to participate in a 16-week training session.
  A fee is charged for classes and for each assistance dog placed.
  Once a dog is placed, the client is responsible for covering in all costs the dog's care, including medical and equipment costs.
  Regular follow-up visits to Puppy Love for evaluation are required at 6 weeks, 6 months, and 1 1/2 years after placement.


To be considered for placement of an assistance dog, a person must have:

  Demonstrated need for the services of an assistance dog
  A serious desire for a dog
  The ability to be responsible for, to physically care for, and manage an assistance dog
  Psychological and emotional maturity necessary to benefit from the services of a dog
  Ability both to attend and to learn from the training course
  Knowledge of specific assistance dog commands, workmanship, and use
  Specific physical, emotional, psychological, and learning disabilities which can be aided by the help of an assistance dog
  Appropriate fit in relation to the programs's method of training


If you have any questions please contact:

  Ms. Grete Krause
Puppy Love Caring Canines, Inc.
8224 165th Street North
Hugo, MN 55038
Phone: 612-308-3212

Application Process



Enter "Request for Application Packet" in the subject line of your email to

Describe your disability and lifestyle, and explain how you feel an assistance dog can aid you.

Be sure to include your home mailing address in your email. An Application Packet will be sent to you.

  STEP 1: Complete Application Packet

Complete the entire application packet which includes:

  The application form
  A medical information form to be completed by your health provider
  Two letters of reference
  $25.00 application fee
  A current full-length photo of yourself

Optional: A video of you in your home and work environment would be useful.

  STEP 2: The Interview

Upon return of your completed application, if Puppy Love determines that we may be able to meet your needs, you will be called to schedule an interview.

At the interview we meet each other and determine a next step. You will also have an opportunity to:

  Explore more in-depth the concept of an assistance dog
  Meet some of our dogs in training
  Learn about training session expectations
  Determine potential fee payment methodologies

  STEP 3: Attend Training Sessions

This class takes you through all the steps to develop skills necessary for you to work effectively with and care for your new assistance dog partner.


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