Becky & Cody

Becky & CodyMy service dog, Cody, helps me in many different ways. He’ll fetch socks I drop on laundry day, shoes when needed, my pen and anything else I request. My favorite cute story is when I fell in the hall and called him. He came, took a look and left. While I was wondering why he left, he returned a moment later dragging my afghan behind him. He figured as long as I was laying down, I may need my afghan to stay warm.

Cody will also brace for me. That means he’ll stand still and I can use his shoulders for support. I ask him to brace when I want to get up off the floor. One day I sprained my ankle and he let me lean on him all the way home. He is frequently watching me outside in case I need him to brace on the uneven ground or if I trip and fall during a walk. With Cody I’m more confident going out of the house to different places like church, grocery stores, shopping centers, museums, historical houses and even a Saints baseball game or a ride on the Mississippi Riverboat. He truly opened up my world.
Thank you to everyone at AHP for allowing him to work for me at church and for helping me explain to the children that they shouldn’t run up and pet Cody, as that distracts him from his work. Your help is greatly appreciated.










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