Antonia & Sparky

After a devastating accident changed my life, Puppy Love Caring Canines did too!I heard about Puppy Love Caring Canines, Inc. through a friend and submitted an application with my doctor's recommendation.

Sparky and I have been together since Christmas 2005. Puppy Love and Sparky have made my life so much better. Grete, the founder, works so many hours a day helping people like me. Grete and the volunteers arranged for Sparky to be brought to Minnesota and fostered by a family there. He was donated by a breeder in Pennsylvania. Sparky's training and evaluations started right from puppy-hood and continue today.

Now, Sparky picks up items up for me, takes the clothes out of the dryer, helps me get undressed, and helps take my mind off the constant pain. I am so very thankful for Puppy Love Caring Canines, Inc. and all the wonderful people involved.

They've made my life worth living again! -- Antonia









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